MINT: The next powerhouses - November 11, 2014 UKTI Event

Location: Ricoh Arena, Phoenix Way, Coventry CV6 6GE

Over the past decade we have heard about the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China and their position as the top four growing economies in the world.

Jim O’Neill, the economist behind the term BRICs, is now championing the MINTs (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) as the second generation of emerging market ‘pacesetters’.

The MINT countries have a few key themes in common: young populations, useful geographic placement, and (Turkey excepted) they are commodity producers. These characteristics echo those that made their BRIC predecessors so successful and for this reason it is important that British businesses are quick off the mark, to ensure that they are strategically positioned to get an equal share of the market opportunities. 

The MINT nations also offer e-commerce opportunities for businesses of every size. It is not just large enterprises which can benefit from trading with these countries; the market is open for smaller companies to enter.

Our event will incorporate seminars, networking opportunities, one-to-one meetings and a mini exhibition to maximise the potential value to your business.  You will also meet with UK Trade & Investment market experts that can help to guide you on your export journey and companies just like yours who have succeeded in these emerging markets.

09:30-10:00 – Arrival & registration

10:00-10:30 – Market seminar 1

10:30-11:00 – Market seminar 2

11:00-11:30 – Networking

11:30-12:00 – Market seminar 3

12:00-12:30 – UK Trade & Investment seminar

12:30–13.15 – Networking lunch & exhibition

13:15-14:30 – One to one sessions & exhibition

Organised by: Patrick McCarron

For more information, contact:

Anna Poole T: 0117 926 9927 E:
Patrick McCarron T: 0121 607 1751 E:
Patrick McCarron T: 0121 607 1751 E:

Patrick McCarron T: 0121 607 1751 E:

Patrick McCarron T: 0121 607 1751 E:

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